Fire Extinguishing

Taking care of your fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishing

Fire Extinguishers

Under the Fire Safety Order (FSO) you, along with every other business, have a legal responsibility to ensure that your premises are adequately stocked with fire extinguishers of the appropriate type or types. The Fire House Group has 60 years of experience in the industry and can help you to ensure that you're meeting this obligation. Based in Gateshead and operating nationwide, we have offices in Barnsley, Gateshead, Durham, Leeds, Wakefield & Nottingham.

As well as supplying you with the right extinguishers to meet your needs, we can also provide your team with live fire extinguisher training. Contact us today to learn more.

Ongoing Maintenance

One of your obligations under the FSO is to have a designated responsible person within the business to carry out a visual inspection of all extinguishers not less than once a quarter (ideally on a monthly basis), looking for extinguishers that have been damaged or discharged. If there are 5+ people within your organisation, there is a requirement to keep a written record of these inspections, along with all maintenance, servicing and inspections in a fire logbook.

We can offer a full maintenance package including recharging extinguishers in line with the manufacturer's instructions. If you'd like to discuss our service and how we can help your business, call our office today.

Proper siting of extinguishers

  • Sited in conspicuous positions, easily accessible to people following an evacuation route

  • Fitted on wall brackets or stands where brackets are impractical (not on the floor)

  • Handles should be 1.5m from the ground for small extinguishers, 1m for larger ones

  • Grouped together to form a fire point

  • Sited so that it is not necessary to travel more than 30m to access an extinguisher

All extinguishers installed in a building of single occupancy should have the same method of operation and, if intended for the same function, they should be similar in shape, appearance and colour

Fire suppression system installation & maintenance

The Fire House Group are trusted experts in the industry, having 60 years of experience to call on. If you need a fire suppression system to meet an insurer's criteria or to comply with a legal obligation, then you can trust our team to design, supply and install an appropriate system at a competitive price.

From traditional water mist fire suppressions systems to more modern gaseous systems designed for use in data rooms and server rooms, we are able to build a system that is tailored to your specific requirements. To let us know what you need, please get in touch.

Professional Engineers

Fire suppression systems are covered by strict regulatory requirements, ensuring that they will perform as they should, and not fail. Everything from the initial installation to all subsequent maintenance and refits must be undertaken in line with these regulations.

The Fire House Group are proud to be F-Gas registered, demonstrating that we work in complete compliance with the relevant regulations. Our engineers are highly skilled and F-Gas registered, and experienced in both electrical and fire safety. Thanks to our experience and skills, we are able to offer a complete fire suppression system service, from the design and installation through to in-life servicing. We use Level 4 LPS 1048 Approved Sprinkler Contractors, certified by the LPCB.

Why Choose The Fire House Group?

  • Approved to self-certificate all categories of sprinkler works

  • Full national coverage, including the Channel Islands

  • We carry out all aspects of sprinkler service and maintenance works to a high standard

  • Full after sales service, including national 24-hour call–out coverage

  • We offer training and support to all clients

  • We use skilled engineers who have to comply with our stringent levels of competency

  • All method statements and risk assessments submitted

  • We are committed to safe practices and the health and safety of our staff, we hold SSIP